London’s Nova Victoria has been crowned the UK’s ugliest building

London has won another award… But, this one isn’t really worth winning.

Yes, Nova Victoria, a £380m office complex has been described as a “bright red hideous mess” and has now been named the UK’s worst building.

Winning the 2017 Carbuncle Cup with one judge describing it as “cringe-worthy”, it’s the sixth consecutive time a London building has scooped big prize.

Judges described the building as “crass, over-scaled and a hideous mess”, with one Judge Catherine Croft saying: “It makes me want to cringe physically. It’s a crass assault on all your senses from the moment you leave the Tube station.”

Past winners of the award have included Liverpool’s ferry terminal, the renovation of the Cutty Sark and an apartment block incorporating a branch of Tesco in Woolwich, south-east London.

If you want to check the building for yourself, you can visit Nova Victoria 2 Sir Simon Milton Square, London SW1E 5DJ.

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