A naked nightclub is coming to London… with free booze for those who strip off!

We’ve had a naked restaurant, rooftop bar but now, you can party with no pants on… or anything else for that matter!

A fortnightly nude night is launching at Soho’s Takeover Bar from the 7th of October.

The nude night on Greek Street will launch following an opening party on October 7, which will feature hula-hoopists, live music and naked shot-servers.

Whilst yes, you might say – hold on, isn’t it naked night in G-A-Y every time Porn Idol is held? Well, yes… But this is different okay!


Appropriately called “Get Naked”, organisers say the evenings will be “steeped in debauchery” with “booze, bubbles and bums.”

Here’s the deal. Nudiness isn’t mandatory and clothing is definitely allowed. The company itself actually ask those who are going to go nude to pain themselves in body paint. Tasteful.

But there is a reward for those willing to bear all. The pop up will reward you with a ‘bottle of bubbles.’


Joshua Walker PR are behind the event. Mr Walker commented: “Clothes are so very 2015 – in 2016 Londoners have been invited to dine naked, sunbathe on rooftops naked and now they can even club naked – it’s all cheeky fun.”

At £5 for entry, it might be worth checking out… if you’re into that kind of thing! Check out their website her for more details.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.