Oh my feta! London now has the first ever cheese themed hotel and it’s free to stay!

Holy Cheesus!

The world’s first cheese hotel is has opened in Camden and it’s certainly one any cheese lover needs to dip into…

The rooms are all of course a cheesy yellow with cheese wallpaper, bedding, towels, cushions and artwork and in case while you’re in the cheese room you get bored there’s cheese-themed games and cheese soap.

It’s hungry work looking at all that cheese, so you’ll be able to dial a “cheese hotline” that’ll bring you cheese and crackers, yum!

The cheese hotel is being run be Café Rouge so you’ll also get a free meal from a branch of your choice, and you can make a donation to The Princes Trust.

But be quick… the cheese hotel is in town for one week only, from January 29th until February 6th.

Only nine winners and their plus ones will be selected to stay the night so make sure you email and register your interest, with the dates allocated at random.

You bring the rum, I'll bring the raspberries. Perfect daiquiris all round.