Have you visited the Lego Store in Leicester Square yet?

The world’s largest Lego store is now open, and well… it’s time to revisit your childhood!

Now in Leicester Square it’s one of the newest things to do in London, and it’s a load of fun!

The new 914-square-metre store is stretched across two stories, and is full of… well, Lego.

The venue includes a life-size tube carriage made of 637,903 Lego bricks, plus a six-metre tall Lego reproduction of Big Ben that took over 2,200 hours to build, and it even chimes.

According to a release, the store is part of Lego’s mission to “inspire and develop children across the globe through creative Lego play experiences,”.

The Lego Store obviously allows you to buy the building toys, but also has a number of attractions and take home activities.

There’s a ‘Make a Mosaic’ booth that takes your picture, and then produces a box of all the Lego bricks needed to build your Lego self-portrait. You can also try you luck with the ‘Pick & Build’ wall that allows you to fill a bucket with whatever bricks you want, creating your own personalized Lego set.

The store is also home to Lego’s brand-new mascot, Lester – a tea-drinking gentleman. He’s not yet available for sale, but you can create your own custom mini-figure to keep you company instead.

Certified Master Builders will also be on site regularly to pass along their Lego-building wisdom and to help you build something a bit more exciting than a brick wall.

Visit the new Lego Store at 3 Swiss Court, London W1D 6AP open Monday – Saturday 10am-10pm; Sunday 12-6pm.

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