Poppies Fish & Chips are celebrating British Sausage week!

It’s British Sausage week this week and Poppies Fish & Chips have been adding up the numbers and collecting the stats on our sausage habits!

The brand has revealed Londoners cannot resist a sneaky sausage with their fish and chips!

Poppie’s may be renowned for its authentic and award-winning fish and chips, however it seems their customers are partial to “the battered sausage” and they often order one as a sneaky extra to accompany their dinner.

With a whopping 100,000 sausages (plain, battered or saveloy) sold so far this year across the three Poppies sites, figures show that the Soho branch has battered the opposition in sales.

60% of the total sausages consumed by Poppies customers this year were sold in their Soho restaurant and takeaway on Old Compton Street.

The number one drunk food, ultimate hangover cure and now, London’s guilty pleasure, the battered sausage is a much-loved delicacy on any British Fish & Chip shop menu. The perfect alternative to battered fish, Poppies serve their plain, battered or saveloy sausages with a serving of thick-cut, traditionally fried chips.

So, this British Sausage Week come and see what the fuss is all about!

From Monday to Sunday this week, Poppies will be offering 50% off their takeaway plain, battered or saveloy sausage and chips across all sites, making it a steal for just £2.50 –  you’d be a silly sausage not to!

Visit Poppies fish and chips, 6-8 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR.

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